3/8" Glass Bottom Sweep

Easily snaps on and keeps water in your shower

45 degree drip rail assists in deflecting water back into the enclosure. The bottom door sweep with drip rail snaps onto bottom of door. The soft wipes on bottom create a water resistant seal. 45 degree Drip Rail sheds water back into the shower. 36" in length (customer cuts to fit a narrower door) or contact us for a custom length (fees apply): 412-921-7777

sweeps should ONLY be added to shower doors that were ORIGINALLY designed with one

Download: Shower Sweep Cleaning Instructions

Shipping and Taxes Info
  • Shipping included in price
  • Taxes to be applied at check out
  • Call REX for a custom length of sweep (additional charges may apply)
  • 36" sweep sold in store for $18.00