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Window Film

Concerned about safety and security in your home or business?  Or perhaps you are looking for an economical privacy solution?  Do you need to protect your furniture or floor from damaging UV rays? Or are you looking to reduce your energy bills without replacing your windows?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you can find solutions at Rex Glass including:



UV/Solar Reflective Film

Installing clear UV blocking window film will prevent the sun from bleaching furniture and/or flooring in your home.


A low-e film, heat reflective window film, or solar window tint can be installed to reduce heat transfer through your existing windows.  The high level of heat rejection will improve window insulating performance and can provide winter heating savings in some situations.


As a Vista Spectrally Selective Series Authorized Dealer, this superior film option offers excellent heat rejection and energy savings with a virtually invisible appearance.  They're made with advanced technologies that single out regions of the solar spectrum resulting in a film that lets in more light than heat.  This is great for applications where maintaining the look of existing glass is highly important.  You don't need to replace your windows or even your glass in order to achieve an increase in R-value and reduction in your energy bills!

Safety/Security Film

Window security film provides benefits beyond solar control, to include improving safety and security .  It is an ideal solution for homeowners, banks, schools and businesses concerned about theft, vandalism, or break-ins.  Security glazing film won't obscure your view but will give you added peace of mind. 

Privacy Film

We have a number of glass privacy film solutions that include tinted glass film and patterned window film, as well as frosted film.  Darker privacy tint films will reduce see-in visibility during the day.  Other window privacy films will obscure the view while letting the maximum amount of light into your home. 

Decorative Film

We carry a number of patterned and decorative films that can add amazing flare to any piece of glass including tabletops, shelves, and windows.  Decorative films enable you to elevate interior design, create more privacy, hide unsightly views, mimic a specialty glass, diffuse harsh light, and make design changes easy.  Durable, yet also removable, decorative film can be a lasting feature or temporary update!

Window Film Projects

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