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Shower Door Help 

HOORAY!   Your shower door has been installed!
Here are some helpful pointers about what you can expect from your shower once it has been installed, as well as some care and maintenance guidelines.
The next 24 hours

  1. We know you're excited to use your new enclosure but we recommend letting everything remain undisturbed for a full 24 hours. This allows the silicone to dry and the glass to fully lock in place.

  2. You should see we left a removable sticker on your glass that reiterates some of the points in this email. Feel free to peel it off once you've read it.

  3. We may have used some tape to hold the glass in place while the silicone dried. After 24 hours you can remove the tape. Any adhesive residue left on the glass can be removed with a product like Goo Gone.

Maintaining Your Shower Glass

  • Never use scouring powder or pads, acid-based cleaners, or sharp instruments to clean the glass as they can permanently damage the glass.

  • Avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia as they will strip the finish off your aluminum and brass hardware.

  • For cleaning the glass inside your shower a simple solution of vinegar and water can be used or our CSS Limescale Cleaner™. Click here for instructions on using our CSS Limescale Cleaner™. Our Rex Glass Cleaner™ is excellent for the cleaning the outside of your shower glass.

  • Did you know that the vinyl pieces attached to your glass are removable and replaceable? The vinyl pieces help minimize overspray and leakage and will inevitably collect soap scum and limescale over time. 

  • Similar to windshield wipers, the vinyl sweep on the bottom of your door will wear out and will need to be replaced. You can purchase a new sweep at any of our local showrooms.

  • Did you purchase our CSS Surface Protectant™?  Here are instructions for using the maintenance product.

Common Issues You May Experience

Below are a few of the most frequently reported things that customers experience. Some of these issues are beyond our control while some are covered by our 10-Year Limited Warranty. If you believe you have a problem that falls under our warranty coverage, just call our Shower Door Department at 412-458-6677 for assistance.

  • Glass shower enclosures are not 100% watertight. Your salesperson would have explained that you may experience some overspray or leakage. The two biggest causes of water escaping the shower are the construction of the opening and the actual usage by each person. Since we can't control either of these factors we can't warrant against leakage. During the fabrication and installation, we do everything we can to minimize the amount of overspray you may experience. If you feel that the amount of water escaping the shower is significant, give us a call and we'll see what we can do.

  • Your door is not designed to close on its own. Hold the handle as you gently guide your door into a closed position.

  • You may see markings when the glass is steamed up that are not visible otherwise. This is very common and does not represent any defect in the glass or the fabrication process. You may see swirls or cross hatch lines that result from microscopic particles settling in the peaks and valleys of the glass surface. These particles come from the tempering process and their minute size prevents us from being able to control or completely eliminate their presence.

  • Mold may appear in the caulking or the caulking may become discolored. Mold is another one of those things that we cannot control and mold thrives in wet conditions. Mold may penetrate and form under the silicone caulking. Exposure to light and humidity can cause the clear silicone to darken or yellow over time. If you experience either of these issues we can replace the silicone but it is not a service that would be covered under warranty.

  • Your hinges may make some noise. As hinges adjust to the weight of the glass and the settling of your house the mechanical movements may result in a clicking sound. This is normal and you should not be concerned. The clicking may even come and go periodically. If you are experiencing any noise that does not go away and is audibly bothersome, give us a ring.

  • An operable piece of glass (such as the door) may begin to touch or by impeded by another piece of glass or a wall. If you are experiencing this, use caution and do not let the glass hit with any force or you risk the glass being damaged. Call us immediately. This issue can be caused by the seasonal expansion or contraction of the walls of a home.

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