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General FAQs

Can tempered glass be altered?

Unfortunately due to the fabrication process, tempered glass cannot be altered in any way.​

Can Rex cut down my glass/mirror?

Yes! We can cut down any glass or mirror that is able to be altered if you can bring the item to us.  However, Rex does not assume responsibility for any glass or mirror breakage during the cutting process.​

Can I get a single pane replaced in my window?

If the window pane is a single-pane window, then yes.  However, if the window is a double-paned (insulated) unit and one of the panes is cracked or broken, the whole insulated unit will need replaced.​

Does Rex give free estimates?

Yes!  Call or visit one of our three locations to begin the process.

How can I obtain a new plastic strip / sweep at the bottom of my door?

The rubber or plastic strip at the bottom of your shower door is called a sweep.  The best way to obtain a new sweep is to visit our Kennedy Township location with your old sweep and a new one can be cut on site.  If you are not local to the Kennedy Township store, a new sweep can be cut from dimensions provided and shipped (additional shipping costs apply).​

How do I secure a mirror if I install it myself?

To mount a mirror yourself, Rex sells various mirror clips as well as adhesive to help secure mirrors.​

What are the benefits of tempered glass?

Fully tempered glass is approximately four times stronger than annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration. When broken, it will break into many relatively small fragments, which are less likely to cause serious injury.  Tempered glass is also more heat and scratch resistant, and will stand up to everyday use and wear and tear.​

Do you work with only contractors or the general public?

We partner with homebuilders, remodelers, general contractors, and the general public.  If you know what you would like, but have questions on completing the project, our educated staff is here to help guide you through the process.​

Questions not answered? Call us today and our staff can help!

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